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Use this proven Lightweight Launch Method to scale your business to 5+ figure months by turning your existing clients into happily paying members of your high-ticket Mastermind.

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You've got a Successful Business. Now it's time to Scale it the Simple way.

Design your High-Ticket Mastermind in less than a day... then Fill it FAST using my simple, Lightweight Launch Method.

You've Heard Masterminds are a Simple Way to Add Extra Income to Your Business

But you're not sure if people will see the value (or if you have enough value to give above what you’re already offering!) 

You'd LOVE to Work at a Higher Level with Your Favorite Clients

But you’re not sure if you can get enough of the right people to join to make it worth the time, or if a Mastermind would really work in your niche.

Your Best Clients WANT to Keep Working With You and Have Asked for More

But you’re already feeling overwhelmed with what you currently offer and the thought of adding anything else to your plate is absolutely exhausting.


You'd LOVE to scale your business with a Mastermind, but you're afraid it'll suck up even more time (and NOT be worth it in the end 😬...)

Zoom Mastermind Brighter Together

But here's what I know to be true:

A well-designed Mastermind is the most valuable thing you can offer your clients - AND it's one of the simplest, least time-consuming, and MOST PROFITABLE things you can offer.

Here's why your clients WANT you to offer a Mastermind:

They’re craving Connection & Experiences more than ever, and frankly don’t need more Education.

They’re already super loyal to you because you’ve helped them get results over and over again. 

They’re ready to take their business to the next level. So, they’ll be the first to say “just take my money now!” because they trust you and they actually WANT to keep working with you!

They’re craving connection more than ever after the recent isolation and don’t need more education.

They have the tools; now they need to be surrounded by other like-minded people who can support them and are willing to share their experience to help them grow.

They're tired of being surrounded by beginners but don't know how to find people at their level.

They’re willing to pay more to have high-level conversations and be surrounded by the people they desire to become, AND they know that doesn't happen when they are surrounded by beginners...

...and that's why it's SO IMPORTANT for you to offer a Mastermind.

Your best clients will get better results, they'll attribute those results to YOU (plus, they'll be your best word-of-mouth referrers), and they'll want to keep paying you high-ticket prices, year after year.

The best part is, when you structure it right (with my proven system), it'll be SO EASY to launch, fill, and run - without consuming more of your time.

Plus, it'll be one of the most REWARDING things you do, since it'll be filled with your favorite, most successful and loyal clients.

Small group mastermind in Toronto over Dinner

Filling your Mastermind means you’ll spend WAY less time marketing, list building, Facebook Live-ing (yeah that’s a thing), launching, affiliating, etc. - and more time doing what you love. 

So, why wouldn’t you want to start one?


Very few people are offering a Mastermind, so it's FAR easier to stand out from your competitors and be seen as the expert on the leading edge of your niche.


Sound too good to be true?

Just don't make one of these common mistakes...

I’ve been running a business online full-time for over 10 years, and I’ve seen several people launch a Mastermind and do it all wrong.

You’ve GOT to avoid these 3 common Mastermind launch mistakes, or it DOES end up being a huge time suck that doesn’t provide real value to your clients, leaving them disappointed and leaving you stressed in the end.

Mistake #1
Not Offering a TRUE Mastermind

If you’ve never been in a Mastermind before, or you don’t fully understand the value of a Mastermind, you might be tempted to include all sorts of extra content or coaching in order to try and make sure it’s worth the money you’re charging.

A Mastermind is not a high-ticket course nor is it a group coaching program, both of which can be super exhausting to run and overwhelming for you and your customers.

While these can be valuable, they are a ton of work, while a true Mastermind is much less work while still providing an incredible amount of value.

That’s why I walk you through exactly why a Mastermind is valuable in this workshop and help you design the perfect Mastermind for your customers that is easy to launch, fill, run and won’t suck up all your time.

Mistake #2
Copying Others

I've seen entrepreneurs start Masterminds simply because they’ve seen other big name entrepreneurs offer them (and make a ton of money from them), and they just copy what they’re doing instead of developing an intentionally designed experience for their client.

This leaves their client unhappy because they aren’t actually getting the transformation they were promised, since it isn’t designed for THEIR needs.

While you absolutely can make a lot of money from Masterminds, you MUST  intentionally design it so that you know without any doubt that it’s a good fit for YOUR audience and your niche.

Copying what someone else is doing and hoping it works is a recipe for unhappiness and churn.

This workshop will show you how to EASILY design the perfect Mastermind for your clients, no matter what your niche is.

Mistake #3
Accepting Anyone Who Wants to Join

The REAL value of a Mastermind comes from the people who are in it.

Your primary job is to make sure the group is all at a similar level and that each person has something to contribute to the group AND is willing to do so.

It only takes one person who isn’t a good fit to change the feel of the entire group, which will quickly erode the trust and safety you need to have a Mastermind that your members never want to leave.

This can’t just be an overpriced FB group… this has to be a TRUE Community where everyone knows each other in a real way and feels connected to each other, so you can't take too many people.

This workshop shows you exactly how to make sure the right people get into your Mastermind & how to weed out people who won't be a good fit.

In this Quick 3-hour Workshop, you'll use my

Lightweight Launch Method

Here's how it works...

Step #1

Intentionally Design Your Perfect Mastermind for your clients so you KNOW they’ll get results and want to remain in your Mastermind paying year after year.

Step #2

Prep for your low-stress launch by customizing the included application, Lightweight Launch Scripts & Social  Posts, and then by setting up your payment form. Spoiler: Templates & Examples are included for EVERYTHING you’ll need, making it fast and easy for you to launch & fill your Mastermind.

Step #3

Use the Lightweight Launch Method to invite your perfect people to apply for your Mastermind. No long runway. No lengthy content creation necessary. No list building needed — You can prep & start your launch in less than a day.


You don’t have to have a massive audience to run a Mastermind. In fact, I had a multi 5-figure Lightweight Launch from an email list of just 86 people, and it’s continued to grow from there.

Masterminds are easy to run, get incredible results for your clients, and are an excellent high-ticket revenue stream for your business.

All without the burden of having to create any additional content. 🙌



Launch Your First Mastermind

It's EVERYTHING you need to design & be ready to launch your first Mastermind in a single day (or less), giving you a new low-stress, high-ticket stream of income while increasing the impact you have on your favorite, most dedicated clients.

Here's What's Included:

Module 1: Design The Perfect Mastermind for Your Clients (1 hr 45 min)

Module 2: Customize your Lightweight Launch Assets (27 min)

Module 3: Fill Your Mastermind using The Lightweight Launch Method (35 min)

Bonus #1: Done-For-You Launch Templates & Example Library

Bonus #2: Simple Social Proof System

Bonus #3: Launch Content Strategy

Total Value**: How much could you make per person in your Mastermind, and how many people you'd want minimum in the first year alone? That's the potential value.

Today's Price: Only $49 USD 🤩

**I know, I could easily charge $997 or more for this, but I'm testing out a low-ticket offer, so get it now before I change my mind about it!

Wanna Peek Inside?

In short, the goal is to help you launch your Mastermind as quickly and successfully as possible, NOT just give you a bunch of info that wastes your time.

So you'll find the basic info you need, plus all the templates and scripts you need to make it as fast and easy to launch as possible.

Here's EXACTLY what you'll find in the workshop...

Module 1: Design the Perfect Mastermind for your Clients

1 hr 45 min

You'll Learn my Step-by-Step Process to Design the Perfect Mastermind for your Clients (no matter what your niche is!) so you know exactly who your ideal client is, what value they’ll get from it, exactly what the Mastermind will include, and what price you should charge for YOUR specific business and niche.

You'll also learn how to explain the value of a Mastermind to your people, how to determine the right price for you and your audience, what to call it, and basically everything you need to know to do this well.

Module 2: Customize Your Lightweight Launch Assets

27 min

In this module, you'll customize the included Mastermind Application, Lightweight Launch Script & Social Posts so that you're ready to do the Lightweight Launch Method and launch your first Mastermind.

You'll get templates and scripts for exactly what you need to create (and what you don't need - no wasting time creating stuff that doesn't actually move the needle) and learn how to customize it for your specific Mastermind.

The focus here is on doing, and you'll be ready to launch as soon as you're done.

Module 3: Fill Your Mastermind Using the Lightweight Launch Method

35 min

Follow this simple, proven step-by-step process to fill your first Mastermind with your ideal clients, whether you’ve got 86 people or 86,000 people.

Plus, you'll learn how to maximize your results, and what to do if it doesn’t go as well as you planned.

No list building. No long runway. No extra launch content needed. Very little time or stress. Just follow the process, and fill your Mastermind.

It's literally that simple.

Bonus #1: Template & Example Library

Don’t create anything from scratch. Simply customize the included templates to create everything you need to launch super fast, and see the exact examples used for the Brighter Together Mastermind Launch.

The Template & Example Library Includes:

  • Lightweight Launch Checklist & Timeline (You'll know exactly what to do and when to do it!)
  • Lightweight Launch Script 
  • Lightweight Launch Followup Script
  • Lightweight Launch Announcement Post
  • Lightweight Launch Last Chance Post
  • Mastermind Application Form
  • Mastermind Acceptance Script
  • Marketing Messaging to Explain the Value of a Mastermind
  • Mastermind Vision & Design Workbook
  • List of Different Mastermind Elements to pick from
  • Optional Launch Content Ideas 
  • Brighter Together Vision
  • Brighter Together Wording on Who this Is & Isn’t for 
  • What Several Real-Life Masterminds Include in their Offers
  • Brighter Together Application Form
  • Brighter Together Optional Launch Content
  • Brighter Together Lightweight Launch Emails & Timing Details
  • Brighter Together Payment/Acceptance Form & Copy
  • Mastermind Tech List so you know exactly what software/tools you need to run your Mastermind (Spoiler Alert: It's not much, and it's not expensive!)

Bonus #2: Simple Social Proof System

The simple system and script I used to collect social proof about the value of Masterminds from other people, even before launching my own, to help overcome potential customers’ hesitations and objections.

Bonus #3: Launch Content Strategy

While you don't NEED to create any additional launch content beyond the templates included in the Lightweight Launch Method, this bonus gives you my simple launch content strategy to use on your free content platforms if you want to use them to raise extra awareness about your launch.

Seriously, if you're still reading, you should just save your spot now.

Because what if this actually works? What would that mean to you and your business?

And it's just $49 USD.

If you're like me, you wouldn't think twice about spending that on a few new domains you'll probably never use... Am I right?!?

So let's do this. I'm so stoked to see you get this launched and see your business completely transformed! And I'm committed to seeing you actually do this!

Jamie's Story...

Jamie Bright on Stage with Stu McLaren

I'm Jamie Bright and I've been a full-time online entrepreneur for over 10 years. I'm a moss-loving, homeschooling single mama of 6 kids ages 4-15 and am a crazy trail running ultramarathoner who likes to run 50+ miles at a time out in the woods.

I had a thriving 7-figure business teaching photographers how to get clients, but Covid hit and that all fell apart.

While it was INSANELY hard to have my business literally gone overnight, I know that I'll look back at this as the BEST thing that's ever happened to me.


Well one, because I had wanted to start running Masterminds for entrepreneurs for over 3 years prior to that, but was too busy to make the transition and had all sorts of excuses as to why it wouldn't work.

This gave me permission to go all-in and start running my own Mastermind, and it showed me that I was just afraid, because it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought to launch my Mastermind, even with my small new entrepreneur audience of just 86 people.

If I could do it in a brand new niche where I essentially had no audience, you can certainly do it in yours, especially if you're more established than I was.

Two, because it showed me how incredibly important it was to be in a Mastermind to survive the transition. It changed everything for me to have support and encouragement from other entrepreneurs who knew me and could help me protect my confidence as I started over from scratch.

I didn't need more education. I needed people to remind me of who I was and what I was capable of. I honestly don't know if I would be where I am today without the support of my Mastermind friends (you know who you are, and I am so thankful for you! 😘)

My hope is that this workshop will help you create that same kind of support for your audience, and that you have that same kind of support for yourself. It's SO powerful to be surrounded by people at your level or beyond and really feel like you've found "your people", a place of belonging and generous support that comes with an intentionally curated and designed Mastermind.

Being in a Mastermind has changed everything for me. It's what took me from $315k per year to over $1M per year in just 18 months, and I want to see more people have that same result from being part of a Mastermind. Both through leading my own, and through teaching people like you to lead them for your audience as well.

I believe Masterminds are the next big thing to help people truly get results and grow, and I would love for you to join me in creating this Mastermind Movement by launching your own.

I'm fully committed to your success, and can't wait to see how this transforms your people AND gives you more security through having an additional high-ticket income stream.

So join me by grabbing your copy of the 3-hour workshop now, and let's do this!


Sounds Amazing, but...

How much time & energy will it take to run a Mastermind?

That depends on how you structure it, which we cover in the workshop. If you are creating a true Mastermind, the bulk of your time will be spent running your meetings and checking in with your Mastermind group a few times a week to engage. For each Mastermind Jamie runs, she spends 5 hours per month in meetings, about 30 minutes per week engaging in the group, and has one 3-day retreat per year.

How big does my audience need to be to launch successfully?

Jamie had a multi-5 figure launch with just 86 people, so it doesn't need to be huge if you have high trust with them.

That being said, this method will work whether you have 86 people or 86,000+ people in your audience. That's the beauty of the Lightweight Launch Method - it's light, easy, flexible and created to target exactly the right people.

Will a Mastermind work for my Niche?

Masterminds work for ANY niche where people could learn from or collaborate with each other. You may not call it a Mastermind if that's not something your people will be familar with, but if your people could benefit by having more accountability, or sharing what they know with each other, or even just feeling like they finally belong, you can TOTALLY do a Mastermind. The workshop will share exactly how to design it for your niche and what to call it.

Will people really pay for a Mastermind in my niche?

The price of your Mastermind should be customized to your niche and audience so that it's a no-brainer for them.

The workshop will walk you through how to pick a price based on your niche that your people are happy to pay and that you can sell confidently and without hesitation.

What if I don't get enough people to run a Mastermind?

It can feel super vulnerable to launch a Mastermind if you've never run one before, but you have the best chance possible of getting the people you need by following the Lightweight Launch Method.

Plus, the workshop covers exactly what to do if you don't get enough people to apply and how to maximize the number of people you DO get so you can avoid that situation all together.

Why is this workshop so cheap? Is it actually valuable?

Heck yeah! This could easily be a $997+ course based on the value you get, BUT my goal with this workshop is NOT to make money with it. 😳

My real intention is to find more incredible entrepreneurs to join my Brighter Together Mastermind, and I've found that most of my ideal clients are thinking about running their own Mastermind as well. So I'm offering this workshop at a cost that only covers my adspend and am hoping that if you're not already in a Mastermind, that you'll consider joining mine.

I'm not very well-known in my niche. Can I really attract high-level people?

If you have an audience already and you've helped them get results, you can absolutely fill a Mastermind.

If you don't have super high-level, advanced people yet, you can still start a Mastermind for your top-performing people wherever they are currently at and then let the level of the group grow over time. In fact, this is how the Mastermind I joined evolved. Originally you needed a $300k/yr business, but as the entire group grew (and yours will too), the requirement is now to have a 7-figure business. You can totally grow into it.

How much time and effort will it take to do the Lightweight Launch?

You could EASILY have everything ready to go in a few hours with all the templates that are included, and have your first Mastermind meeting as soon as 2 weeks from now if you are a focused action taker.

The launch schedule spans 2 weeks, as your people need a few days to consider it and you need time to curate the right people.

The actual Lightweight Launch time will vary based on how many people you talk to personally to answer questions, and also on how many applications you get and need to go through. I personally spent about 10-12 hours total over 2 weeks on the launch itself.

I already run a Mastermind. Can I use this to re-launch or get more people in my current one?

Yes! In fact, you'll have an advantage because you'll already have success stories from your current members that you can use.

Plus, it may give you ideas on changes you may want to make to the structure to make it more sustainable for you and more valuable for your members or give you ideas on how to get better people for your Mastermind. Just one insight will make this tiny investment totally worth it.

I'm not quite ready to launch yet! Should I wait to buy it?!

Definitely DO NOT WAIT. You'll still get all of the recordings and materials from the workshop, and you can absolutely do it on your own time when it works best for you.

That being said, don't delay on this. The only way to truly fail is to not do it at all, as I can guarantee you won't get any results if you don't ever launch. As someone who put this off for over 3 years, trust me when I say that you'll regret not doing it as soon as you can (especially with how easy this workshop makes it to launch!)

Running a Mastermind is one of the most rewarding (and easy!) things I've ever done, and I want that for you, too.

So join me today, and let's do this!